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Learn & Grow...


Welcome to Christ’s Church Nursery School where our goal is to educate the hearts and minds of children and to encourage students to love to learn and to grow. Our early childhood program is designed to engage the youngest learners to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively through developmentally-appropriate curriculum rich in social interactions, language, literacy, math and science. At CCNS we believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged with ideas, materials and people. Our exceptional teachers create a rich learning environment optimal for each child’s development.  Learning cannot take place unless a child feels safe and secure where they are and with the adults who interact with them. 


Years of research has shown us the importance of children’s learning through play and exploration. Current research only solidifies the understanding that children learn best when they are actively and mentally engaged in their own learning. CCNS’s knowledgeable and experienced educators facilitate and guide students with well thought strategies and environments that motivate and encourage preschool-age learners to investigate, question, problem solve and discover.


CCNS students are immersed in learning experiences that are relatable and important in their lives to maximize their development. In the classroom, children learn to navigate friendships by sharing materials, taking turns and taking perspective of others’ ideas. Cognitive skills are further developed through investigation and exploration. Our teachers provide materials and activities that develop literacy, numeracy and scientific thinking. At CCNS, children are encouraged to question, create, problem-solve and explore.


CCNS is a wonderful place for preschool-age learners to develop a foundation for a love of learning through a socially and academically appropriate learning environment.

At CCNS we see children as individuals and strive to create classroom environments that are nurturing and sensitive to their changing needs that will inspire a love of learning and a strong sense of self. Our "Small by Design/Large in Learning" school is truly a place that children feel safe to Explore, Connect, Create, Learn & Grow.

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