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Enrichment Program


The CCNS Block Room Program 

“The Construction of Knowledge”

  • Science: gravity and the study of simple machines

  • Math concepts: understanding shapes, sizes and units of measurement

  • Construction concepts: foundation, balance, symmetry, reference

The CCNS Block Room program  is  a very unique and  an extraordinarily exciting part of our play-based school. Each week from September through June, our threes, fours and fives step into an infinite universe of building where students are able to experiment, collaborate, and on many days travel the world together. Our twos have weekly in-class block room sessions.


The Block Room curriculum follows a scaffold model that culminates at the end of each school year and builds over your child’s three years in the program. 


Fundamentals: In the early part of the twos, threes and fours, children begin the year being introduced to the fundamentals of blocks and building: 

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