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Commitment to Excellence


As active constructors of their own development and learning at CCNS, we see children as individuals and strive to create classroom environments that are nurturing and sensitive to their changing needs that will inspire a love of learning and a strong self. Our “Small by Design/Large in Learning”  school is truly a place that children feel safe to explore, connect, create, learn and grow.

The CCNS curriculum is inspired by the Bank Street College approach to learning. Founded in 1916 in New York City, Bank Street is “widely recognized as the gold standard” in progressive learning. Using this approach, we recognize that learning is active and joyful. We believe that children learn best when they are in an atmosphere where they are warmly encouraged to be part of the process. We seek to create a setting where children can be fully engaged and actively immersed in learning.

This approach also treats every child as a valued member of the community. We recognize that every student has “unique potential”. It is our core mission to greet each student at their individual level of development. We meet our students “where they are” and offer them a nurturing and constructive environment where they can grow, build confidence, and share their unique gifts.

CCNS seeks to build self-confident, creative, curious learners. Through hands-on play and thoughtful discussion where everyone’s ideas are valued, We help our students grow as both independent and collaborative learners. This inclusive environment also helps children gain a greater understanding of kindness, acceptance, and diversity.

CCNS is committed to preparing our students for kindergarten and beyond. We offer a blend of both traditional and child-driven emergent curriculum units that promote the development of a well-rounded, thoughtful “student for life”. We encourage our students to ask questions, contribute ideas and seek new ways to problem solve. In addition to traditional curriculum units essential to preschool, emergent topics based on what the children are showing interest in at the time are also explored. Learning activities that include fine and creative arts, literacy, numeracy, social studies, science/lab work, and building/architecture are presented to children through play. Through these units, children build the cognitive skills needed for continued higher thinking.

CCNS encourages our students to cultivate a love of self and of community. Our greatest hope is to impart our students with a solid social-emotional skill set that is needed for their well-being as they contribute to make our school and world better. 

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