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Enrichment Program

The CCNS Literacy Program with Mrs. Donohue

“The Pleasure of Reading”

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Every week Mrs. Courtney Donohue brings a goldmine of hands-on literacy and language experiences to the threes, fours and fives. The CCNS literacy curriculum combines phonemic awareness, basic phonic skills and classic children’s literature. Oral language is considered the foundation of early reading skills. With this in mind, the rhymes, poems and stories that are presented each week are always rich in vocabulary and have exciting plots. Mrs. Donohue also creates an inviting physical environment based on the literature that she shares. She often uses real world photos to help the children visualize new vocabulary and enhance their understanding during class discussions. This also helps the children organize and articulate their thoughts .

All of the steps taken during each literacy lesson are most importantly taken to build confident, happy students who will grow to be lifelong readers!

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